Croatia Cruises

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If you are a first-time visitor to Europe, start with this. I can assure you the rest will be downhill. Visiting many areas of Croatia is like visiting Europe as it was 200 years ago. Glorious architecture, pristine nature, clean air and, most importantly crystal-clear seas. Cruising among the Adriatic takes one to Renaissance Venice. They built most of the magical towns dotting the islands. Every one has a tiny piazza San Marco built in white stone against a turquoise sea. Some islands take you back to Ancient Greece. We may fancy ourselves on the Odyssey (only the delightful parts, Helios won’t punish us for our daily feasting and bathing in the sea.) Our ship is a 18 to 19 cabin luxury vessel. Our next cruise is currently being planned for September of 2023. Subscribe to emails to get information when we have booking details and visit our Facebook Page.