Accordion Stolen in Tulsa

Rad with Red AccordionRadoslav Lorković’s accordion was stolen from the Brady Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 3/10/2012 after the Woody Guthrie Centennial Celebration show.  A post from Rad:

“If someone walked off with my accordion by mistake I’m at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa — leave it at the front desk. If you walked off with it intentionally do the same. I will pay you more than a pawn shop will. It is a chinese accordion worth very little. If anything. Its worth the world to me. The security guys at the brady said they saw two guys walk off with it. If you just want the case –which is the coolest part — bring the actual worthless instrument to the hotel –keep the case — on me –total anonymity and amnesty — just want my little baby back”

The accordion is a red piano accordion made by the Chinese manufacturer Bai-Le.  It has 25 keys and 16 bass buttons (2 rows of 8.)  There are Chinese characters on it and the straps are heavily duct taped.  The case is covered in stickers and held together with black duct tape.

You can see the accordion in videos on Rad’s YouTube Channel.

Radoslav Lorkovic Red Accordion and Airstream

The story was featured on the Tulsa news.

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