Jimmy LaFave’s “The Night Tribe”

Jimmy LaFave The Night TribeIt’s been quite a year or two for me from the vantage point of the piano (and B3) bench at Cedar Creek Studio in Austin. After fleshing out a section of Looking into You (Jackson Browne tribute featuring anybody and everybody) and playing on almost all of Hal Ketchum’s powerful new record, I stayed put in the keyboard room and doubled up piano and organ on every track of Jimmy LaFave’s new record “The Night Tribe.” The tribe, generally nocturnal was mostly active diurnally for this recording. The core band worked feverishly and furiously knocking out Jimmy’s eloquent new songs. A midday break was occasionally taken to secure exotic coffee and very specifically made tacos al pastor from an obscure hand truck deep in South Austin. Andrew and Anthony would accept no substitutes. Musta worked. Really proud to be on all this incredible and prolific Music Road Records stuff!

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